Laser hair removal for unwanted hair

Hey Cats,

If like me you suffer with Poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) then excess hair can sometimes get you down in the dumps. I am all for women who rock body hair but for me I just can't find a place of love in the chin hair that makes me feel sad so my personal preference is to remove the hair. 

There are so many ways you can go about removing hair from wax, shave, thread and I have been even known to pluck (ouch and long). Something that I have been exploring as an option is Laser hair removal. Pulse light clinic got in touch to tell me all about it and I want to share that knowledge with you.

A fantastic way to kick off is by checking out this really informative and thought provoking video that tells you first hand from some customers what they thought of the treatments and how it went for them.

I think the video was important as it showed different skin types and tones and the impact laser hair removal has and how the needs can differ from person to person. I never even thought about the difference in the pigmentation or growth of hair follicles. That's why it is really important to make sure you have a consultation with a well informed clinic and know up front what sort of costs you will be looking at for the results that you want. One session isn't going to eliminate hair forever and something else you need to consider is how big a patch is covered in each session as some clinics charge more for smaller areas. Be up front ask lots of questions, honestly don't be scared to find out the things you really want to know as a good consultant will be open and happy to answer anything you ask. 

I was really interested to find out that it isn't a painful process because for me this was one of the biggest fears and one of the things that puts me off waxing. Laser hair removal works by targeting the root of a hair with a laser light beam that is powerful enough to destroy the hair but with out damaging the actual skin or follicle. Keeping the skin tissues safe and protected but banishing the unwanted hair for your targeted area. 

Have you ever considered hair removal or have you tried it yourself? Let me know in the comments what you thought!



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