Not Your Average Dates: A Primer

Hey Cats,

Whether you are looking for just the right quirky venue to take your latest love, or you are a part of a
long-term duo that wants to shake things up a bit the dates below are anything but ordinary. Prepare for thrills, spills and lots of fun in this unusual date primer!

Blackout restaurants

Something that is perhaps a little reminiscent of shows like Dating In The Dark is choosing to take your date
to a blackout restaurant. These venues are entirely in the dark, but apart from that everything is just the same as in a normal place.

The idea is that you are meant to focus mob of the actual food and the experience you are having because
you are denied all of the visual input.

I think they are a great way to break the ice too for a shy dater, or for an established couple that is looking to
change things up a bit! Just remember to put a napkin over your outfit as you don't want to leave with more
down you than you manage to eat!

Escape rooms

Visiting an escape room is another fabulous alternative to a traditional movie and dinner type dates. The
basic premise is that you get locked in a room with your date and that you have to uncover clues and solve
puzzles to find your way out in the time you are given.

Again, because you have a task in front of you, they are a fantastic way of breaking the ice with someone
new. Although, they can also work wonder for established couples because the timed element can help
change the usual dynamic in the relationship and get you working well together.

Crafting classes

Next, why not try doing a fun class together? I'm thinking something practical here like learning a craft such
as batik printing, sausage making, or woodworking.

In some classes, you even get to work in pairs, and this is something that can help create a connection
between you and your date. Even if you opt to work alone, but side by side with your other half it's a great
way to do a fun-focused activity and while spending pleasant time together.

Tabletop gaming nights  

Lastly, it may sound super geeky, but tabletop gaming is coming back in a big way! That means playing
dungeons and dragon type RPGs, along with more modern classics like Ticket to Ride, Mysterium, and
Sheriff of Nottingham.

You can set up your own boarding gaming event. Alternatively, you can attend one of the many cafes that are
dotted around the country, where you can borrow games and buy drink and refreshments as well.

The only issue to watch out for her is that many games are best played with 3 or more players, making them
more suited for a double date or group dates rather than a two-person experience. Although there are also
plenty of fun titles available that can be played with just you and your beloved. Checkout the list here for
some suggestions.

What strange dates have you been on?


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