5 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Lost Dog

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What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Dog

Dogs are every man’s best friend, and losing one can be a traumatic experience for you and your
family. Even if your pet is microchipped, there’s no guarantee that they are going to be returned to you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five ways you can spread the word in the immediate aftermath of your dog going missing:

Create Posters and Flyers and Get Them Everywhere

The more costly but also more immediate way of spreading the word, putting up posters in places
where you are guaranteed to get a lot of traffic - both on foot and by car - is likely to get a
response should your dog be seen by somebody. Make sure you have all your contact details on
the poster and the clearest and most recent picture of your beloved pooch front and center.

Flyers are another great way to get the word out that your dog is missing. Chances are you’ll have support in finding them, and if they are armed with flyers that contain a photo and your contact details, you and your friends can hand these out to people in the hope that they will keep an eye out and tell more people. There are tons of flyer templates on Adobe Spark for you to use, and you’ll have your materials designed, printed and ready to hand out in no time.

Facebook and Twitter Posts

There are thousands of good-news social media stories out there in regards to
the social media world sharing them with their friends and followers. The more people do this,
the wider the reach will get, and there is a big chance that your pet will be found. You should get
the post out there as soon as you can, and include all your details - including any distinguishing
marks or features that your dog might have. Have a look at the best times to post on social media
to get maximum outreach.

Ask Your Vet to Ask Around

Having a good relationship with your vet is a plus, especially if you find yourself looking for a lost pet. You can give them a call and inform them of the situation, and ask them to distribute your posters and flyers in the surgery reception area, where there will be plenty of traffic from local dog owners who might know and recognize your dog. It’s a great way to widen the reach of your search.

Use Your Mobile to Call Everyone

The moment you know your dog is missing, grab your mobile phone and start calling in the cavalry.
Everyone who won’t be at work and will be available should be called, as the more people you have looking, the better chance you have of finding them quickly. Get everybody on your phone on the search party.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Many pet insurance companies will cover the cost of any marketing and advertising costs that you acquire in the time that you are searching for your lost dog. But in order to get this process in place, you should call them as soon as you are aware that your pet is missing. You might find that they are able to give you contact details for shelters, charities, and kennels in your local area, which will be a great deal of help in narrowing down your search.

Have you ever lost your dog?


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