Some Of The Most Romantic Cities To Visit In Europe

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Are you looking to celebrate an important anniversary with a loved one? Hoping to create an extra special date over a weekend? Or perhaps you simply want to get away with the person most
deserving of your affections? City breaks can be a fantastic and romantic escape for couples, but you shouldn’t always look too close to home, not if you really want to experience something brand new that will inspire passions and engage you in wonder. Here are some of the top city break
locations in Europe for those who really want to feel the romance.

The fact that quite a few people wouldn’t be able to point to it on a map is only a testament to how
woefully underappreciated the capital of Poland is. Warsaw is a quintessential romantic European
city. From the luxury accommodation of places like the Courtyard Warsaw Airport to the historic
delights of Old Town. There are plenty of old walls and majestic castles to really sink you into the
history of the town, but still a fine selection of upscale restaurants that make for a perfect place to
dine. If you feel like indulging in a little culture, then you simply must take a trip to Wilanow Palace.
Besides being a royal residence with the gardens to match, it has its own galleries and exhibitions
for you art lovers.

It’s relatively recent time enjoyed in the spotlight thanks to certain Hollywood films has helped
Bruges swell in popularity as of late, but it’s still one of the lesser visited gems of Europe. Also
known as the Venice of the North, this city is perhaps best known for the canals that wind through
the traditional streets. Take a boat tour and you can almost feel like you’re exploring a medieval
town. The Belfry of Bruges is a huge bell tower from the middle-ages that offers the perfect view
to absorb with your loved one, as well. All in all, it feels like stepping into a fairy tale.

There are few better places to date over the festive period than London. From the Christmas Market to ice rinks full of gorgeous sculptures, the town turns into a veritable winter wonderland. If you can catch Lumiere, the city’s festival of lights, you are going to feel like you’ve been transported to somewhere fantastical and otherworldly. The city might be packed in New Year’s but if you can find a place to stay during this peak season, then you are going to see easily one of the most impressive fireworks displays in the world. There’s plenty to do in London even outside of winter, from riding the London Eye to exploring the Tower of London, so it’s always worth a visit.

You may have noticed that Pairs is notably absent. We all know already that it’s the city of love, let’s give some other places a chance to shine. Any of the three cities named above can easily give the French capital a run for its money.

Where is your most romantic city?


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