How to boost your blogs DA

Hey Cats,

Everyone thinks blogging is all about free stuff and taking killer Instagram selfies but so much
work goes on behind the scenes and chances are if you have just started a blog or just
getting serious about one then you are quickly finding that out! One of the biggest anticipated
days of the month in bloggerland (imagine if that was a thing) is the day the new DA scores
go up. Domain Authority of your website can help improve your chances of paid work, more
of an audience and a better established website.

Even if blogging is a hobby good site maintenance means more people will be able to find
you and you can build your own little tribe of strange people. Fear not it's not as hard as it
sound there's a few things you can do to help boost your DA and while it takes time they
soon become second nature.

Write good quality content using search engine optimisation tips. That sounds more technical
than it actually is but whether you want to increase your Domain Authority or just get more of an
good writing needs to have a seo pattern. You can add plugins on Wordpress which
give you tips on how your post is doing and with a few tweeks get more of an audience.
Sometimes it's as simple as linking to your own old posts or changing the wording of a sentence
to be a bit more direct and clear. As a rule of thumb make sure posts are over 300 words which
if you're a babbler like me is easy. I get this can sometimes seem impossible because how
much can you really write about one lipstick but instead maybe talk about a few products
tagging your pictures and linking to other sites.

Guest posts can be so valuable and they often get overlooked as if people think that hosting
their content somewhere else means they miss out on a post that would be great on your own
blog. Whilst you may not have that post on your blog your link on another page especially one
with a higher DA than your own can mean your blog gets a good mention and you can gain
new readers whilst making a new blogger friend too. I have found so many lovely bloggers who
want to work with each other and help it's actually really rad. Guest posts are something I want
to do more of and host more in the future.

In the same way bloggers like to help it's good to read others work and drop them a
friendly comment and a lot of kind bloggers have a little add on called comment luv which
then allows you to link back to your blog again dropping a link somewhere external and leaving some love for another hard working boss!

Take brands up on opportunities which can be shared on their sites but make sure you go
through good trustworthy places who know your value too! There are some great companies
doing affordable blogger outreach for brands and they can be a valuable way to work with
new brands and connect with other bloggers.

Fix those broken links on your blog because the more you blog the more places you would
have linked too and how many blogs or brands just vanish. It could be as simple as you
created a wishlist post and linked directly to the product and the season has changed and the
link no longer exists therefore creating a broken link that leads nowhere. The more broken
links you have on your blog the more search engines think your blog is untrustworthy. So
regular maintenance to your links is important. It's actually really simple to fix a broken link
you can use a link checker and it will pull up all your links. If you are doing it for the first time
and over a hundred come up it's ok we have all been there. It can seem like a huge task but
take your time and maybe fix 5 a day. There are people who offer a service to fix links if you
don't have the time too. Fixing these links and generally updating older posts can bring your
DA up so it is worth writing a monthly check into your blogging routine.

So I am off to fix my broken links and hunt for some lovely people to guest post for. How do you
work on your domain authority? Do you have any blogging tips?


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