Planning a Stress-Free House Move

If you plan to move house soon, then spring is a really lovely time to do so. However,
listed behind the death of a loved one and divorce, it is one of life’s most stressful life events.
But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. It can be an overwhelming experience if you
haven’t planned it well and do have to rush around. So have a read through about how you
can make your day as stress-free as possible.

Get a Building Survey

If you are moving to rented accommodation, then this wouldn’t even need to be a consideration,
as your landlord should deal with it all and you should be given a gas safety certificate. However, if you are moving to a home you plan to buy,
then before you do so, getting a survey is really important. It will show if there are any flaws in
the home or things that aren't quite up to standard. Getting a quality building surveyor will mean
that the move can run much more smoothly.


After buying a home or having to have found another month’s worth of rent, then there might
not be much left in the budget to do the actual moving. But in order to make it easier and less stressful, then having some money put aside for the move can help a lot. From hiring a van or moving services to do it all for you, it will all cost money. Even the takeaways that you might
need to buy once you’ve moved in and before your kitchen is sorted; it all adds up.

Have a Moving Day Bag

On the actual day of the house move, there will be plenty of things going to the new
home. But the chances of knowing where they are, especially if you need them can be
pretty slim.
So think about the things that you might need to grab quickly on moving day and put them in
a moving day bag. Thinks like toilet roll, light bulbs, first aid kit, medication, bottled water, or
cleaning wipes, for example. Then at least you can settle in and get comfortable, without
having to sort through all sorts of boxes to find what you need.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

One of the reasons people will get stressed is because they are working to a deadline.
They know moving day is a certain date, but they might not get packed up in enough
time beforehand. So as soon as you know when moving day is, plan how long you’ll have
to packup each room. Start with the rooms that are used the least and have things like
bedroom and kitchen last. But if you've got six weeks until you move, and six rooms in the
house, then box and pack up one room a week.

Sort Paperwork Beforehand

Once you’ve moved, you will be taken up with settling in and getting your boxes unpacked.
So having to change to call the bank or broadband provider to change your address is going
to be one of the last things on your mind. So call to change addresses ahead of time. You can
let them know from date you’ll be at your new address, so that you know it is done when it
comes to moving day.



  1. That is very hard, but , again, you need to get a hold of yourself and forget about stress! Be sure to smile as much as possible.

  2. Preparing a planned move takes a lot of time. And even by the planned date, not everything is packed. Tips for changing the phone number or provider are not superfluous.


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