Keeping on Top of Your Passions When Travelling

Hey Cats,

If you are someone who loves to travel, then the excitement of seeing the world is something that
draws you from your home every year or so to experience something a little bit different to what
you are used to.

But at the same time, there might be things at home that you are no doubt going to miss, and we’re
not just talking about your friends, family, or pets. These are the things that you do every day and might be concerned that you won’t get the chance to fulfil these needs during your travels.


Hiker in a backpack walks along a narrow bridge in the jungle
There is so much to do when travelling that you might be worried about finding the time to indulge in what you love. This can include things such as reading, writing, art, or exercise, and during your
travels, you might feel uncomfortable doing these things in public - who wants to do their workout at a hostel, after all?

But you will be able to find the time. As hectic as travelling might be, there is also a lot of downtime
in between all of your activities. Taking the opportunity to get something done, even if it is just for half an hour at most will keep you on top of what you love doing, while everybody else takes a nap.


Well-versed travellers know there is a lot of time in between destinations that can be the dullest and most uncomfortable times you have ever experienced. While it isn’t entirely clear why the
transportation from city to city or country to country seems to enter this geographical oddity where
time stands still.

Depending on what you love to do, you can use this passion to help you pass the time. If you are a
gamer, then purchasing the new FF15 A New Empire mobile strategy game to keep you occupied on those journeys and can scratch your gaming itch without having to worry about missing out on what
you really came for. Furthermore, investing in an e-reader and flipping through your soon-to-be-new faves, or listening to podcasts is an excellent way to kill the however-many hours of your journey.


If you find yourself struggling to make the time to get things done in between sightseeing and sampling the local brews, then you might want to look at what you are doing that could be reduced.
If you have been eating out every week, see if your accommodation has a kitchen and choose to
cook instead. This will shave plenty of time from your daily routine and give you the chance to do
something else while you wait for the pot to boil.

Furthermore, while everyone might have some superhuman ability to drink, sleep, drink, and so on, this superpower is not possessed by everyone. Taking a break every now and again will give you the
chance to catch up on whatever you’ve been missing out on and give you an excuse to celebrate the next day.


It can be a massive challenge to keep on top of your passions when travelling the world, but as busy as life might seem, there is always time to be found here and there. Excellent time management is essential for every traveller, so use this to your advantage and don’t get out of practice no matter where you are in the world.


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