The Best Destinations For Solo Travelettes

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Traveling on your own might not seem so appealing when you first think about it. You might worry about getting bored or about some of the safety implications that come with solo travel. But, as long as you plan your trip well and use all of your common sense, there is usually nothing to worry about when it comes to your solo travel adventures. In fact, you might have more fun than if you went traveling with all of your friends as you can do whatever you want and go anywhere you want to go.

Of course, there are some destinations that are better for solo travelers than others. You want to try to stick to the safest destinations out there so that you don’t have to always be on your guard when you are traveling. So, ready to book your next adventure as a solo travelette? Here are some fab ideas.

Jakarta, Indonesia

If you fancy seeing the best of Indonesia, then it’s worth finding a holiday rental on so that you can stay in the country’s capital city. The city center is known for its bustling streets and big crowds but it’s possible to escape all the hectic city life if you are prepared to explore a little. The best area to head to is the southern end of the city where you will find the historic sector. There are also some great locations for hiking in and around Jakarta as well. For instance, you’ll find a pretty square at Silang Merdeka Tenggara which is known for all its deer. This is the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon walk. Hostels are very cheap in Indonesia still and these are the perfect places to make lots of travel buddies!

Paris, France

One of the worst things about traveling with all of your friends is that you might have to make some serious compromises while you are exploring. For example, not everyone might be interested in wandering around museums and galleries all day! If that sounds like your favorite holiday pastime but your mates aren’t keen, it’s worth booking a solo adventure to Paris. The city is packed full of famous museums and galleries, all of which are perfect for wandering around at your own pace - you don’t have to worry about being rushed out of them when you don’t have your friends in tow! Make sure you check out The Louvre as well as some of the great ones mentioned at

Bangkok, Thailand

No matter what type of holiday you want, whether you would rather lounge on a beach all day or head to a city for some culture, Bangkok will definitely have plenty to entertain you. There’s also a really great bar scene, too. So, make sure you make some friends at your hostel and then hit Bangkok! If you want to hit the beach, the beautiful Hua Hin is just a couple of hours’ drive out of the city. If you’d rather soak up some history, you can take a tour around the Grand Palace or the sacred shrine at Wat Phra Kaew.

New Zealand

Want to go off traveling for a month or longer? If so, then it’s worth considering traveling around New Zealand. There is so much to see on the country’s two islands, and it is a popular destination with expats so you should find it easy to make plenty of new friends on your travels. The best place to start your New Zealand adventure is Wellington, the capital city. It’s worth spending some time in Te Papa, the national museum. You’ll be able to find out plenty about New Zealand’s maori culture here and will also be able to see some great artworks from lots of local artists. Once you have fully explored Wellington, there are so many places you could head to - how about Auckland, Christchurch, or Hamilton?

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is another great destination for solo female travelers. All of the different hostels throughout the city have lots of social events for people who are traveling on their own, you will be able to make friends really easily. And then once you’ve got a gang together, you will be able to head off to take in some of the city’s famous sights and attractions. Take a trip out to the Pyramid of the Sun for some great holiday photos. The National Museum of Anthropology features some really great examples of Mayan artifacts. It’s the largest museum in the whole of Mexico, so there will be plenty to keep you entertained for a whole day!

Take A Road Trip, United States

Want to spend some time traveling around the USA? If so, why not think about planning a road trip for yourself. As long as you can drive and can get your hands on a rental car, the whole of the States is your oyster. Where do you want to go? Do you want to get the most of city life in New York City or chill out on Los Angeles’ many beaches? You might prefer to head down to the deep south to sample some Creole culture. One popular road trip is driving from Miami to Los Angeles. From Miami, you can head across the country for a few nights in New Orleans. After you’ve soaked up all of New Orlean’s great music scene, you can travel through Texas to say hello to all the cowboys. After Texas, you’ll drive through New Mexico and Arizona until you finally make it to California. And then you can celebrate the end of your epic road trip with a few cocktails on the beach!

So, as you can see, there are quite a few really cool destinations that are perfect for the solo female traveler. You’ll have fun no matter where you go as long as you are sensible and keep your wits about you.

Where will you go and visit on your first trip as a solo travelette?!


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