Making The Most Of Rainy Days!

Hey Cats,

I always remember rainy days at school being my favourite purely because we got to turn the classroom into a lovely creative playground. So when you have a day off work and a rainy day hits and you really don't fancy splashing in any puddles (because we shouldn't let rain get in the way of going out) and you fancy a home day. Sometimes especially when home alone you can suddenly have all this time on your hands and not know what to do with it.


One of my favourite things to do in any spare time I get is to get reading more. Rainy days are the perfect time to snuggle up with a book, a blanket and a cup of tea. I love hearing the rain against the window while I get immersed in another world and this can keep me busy for hours on end.


Dig out those cook books, try to recreate a recipe from one of your favourite blogs or even just make it up as you go along. If you are a frugal fan then you could even use the time to do a spot of batch cooking. I love trying out new recipes or making a huge pot of soup so I can freeze some for lunches later in the week. You can even surprise someone close to you by baking a lovely cake or getting together a meal.


Break out the PlayStation or Xbox and get playing your favourite games. If gaming isn't really your thing but you like online games you could even try a bit of a flutter with some online gaming there is so much to choose from and you can even win a little side cash sometimes. Plus there are lots of fun chat rooms where you can have a chat with other gamers if you are getting bored home alone. You also can't beat a bit of Tetris now and again or if you have friends over why not dig out a board game and make a day of it.


Finally try out some of those Pinterest tutorials you have been pinning for the longest time, even if you fail it takes practise and you may discover a hidden talent. Crafting is so much fun be it putting together a photo album or making wedding centrepieces there are so many different crafts you can try from the comfort of your sofa. I am always looking to try new things and I love little craft kits, half the fun is having a go no matter how it turns out.


If all else fails then hit up some trashy day time TV, I can lose hours to Gordon Ramsey or Come dine with me or if you want something a bit classier then binge watch some classics from Netflix. Lately I am re watching Twin Peaks and X files both old classics that I have seen a million times but they are still great to watch.

What do you do on rainy days?


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