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5 Ways To Use Rapeseed Oil In Your Cooking

Hey Cats,

You may have heard of rapeseed oil but not all the benefits it can bring for you. I am going to lay it down for you and give you five useful ways you can incorporate rape seed oil into your life and the benefits behind them. First off what is rapeseed oil? Rapeseed oil is produced right here in the UK as well as in Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Canada. In the UK it is the third most important crop so by using and buying rapeseed you are also supporting the British economy great right? The oil is produced from the black seed of the rape plant.

  1. Simply change out your usual cooking oil and use rapeseed oil instead the health benefits are much better and you can try out different flavours to add a new element to your meals. The saturated fats in rapeseed oil is much lower which is better for you. 
  2. When baking cakes try using rapeseed oil in place of butter and your cakes will be a little bit healthier! All the more reason to have some. 
  3. Add flavour and texture to your pasta and pizza dishes by drizzling them with the rapeseed oil to give that dish a little extra punch. 
  4. In a similar way the rapeseed oil can also be used as a dipping sauce to serve with meals or ven just bread as a starter. 
  5. As a healthy oil  it has great health benefits so use in cooking for children and babies to help keep their meals healthy and delicious! 

So in all using this wonderful oil you can support the British economy, lowers the saturated fats in your meals and improve the taste and texture of even the most simplistic meals. With different flavours available from garlic infused to chili all the more reason to experiment with cooking. I will be making the change will you try it too? 



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