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How to create the perfect, cosy night in!

Hey Cats,
Let’s face it, going out isn’t cheap. Whether it’s taxis to and from our destinations, to expensive restaurant bills, entry into clubs, and don’t get me started on the cost of a cheeky glass of wine! Finding that perfect outfit can be a bit of a danger for our credit cards as well…which means that it all quickly adds up!
They say that staying in is the new going out – and I’m inclined to agree! But how do we create that perfect
night in atmosphere? What do we need? Where do we start? Don’t worry, we’re not talking new carpets,
redecorating your living room or visiting your skirting board specialist! Here you’ll find a little inspiration of
how to create that perfect, cosy night in.
First things first. Is this “cosy night in” exclusively for you and your partner? Or is it for you and your friends?
Are the kids invited? Your siblings? Or maybe your just fancy a night in on your own with the cat; once
you’ve established who your guests are (or aren’t) then you can plan your evening around that.
So, you know who your guests are. What are you going to do? How about a film night? Chick-flick, horror,
comedy or the latest Golden Globe winner, the possibilities are endless – but try to decide on a film before
the evening takes place, otherwise you may spend your entire evening debating on what to watch!

How about a board game night? This sounds a little old and dated, but having been a guest at a “scrabble”
night myself, let me tell you, it’s actually a lot more fun then it sounds! Especially with a glass of wine or two,
a nice relaxing atmosphere and maybe a few nice nibbles to boot – what could be more perfect? Dig out those
old board games and have a blast!
If you’re planning an evening on your own, then how about a good book? This is a chance to pick up that novel
you’ve been dying to finish for months!
It doesn’t matter what the theme of your evening is going to be, what activities you’re planning or who you’re
doing it with, atmosphere is very important when it comes to a good night in. How about adding a few
twinkling fairy lights here and there?  Dig out those old throws and big comfy cushions, make sure everyone
will have somewhere to sit. Why not create a music playlist to have on in the background?

You have guests – or not, which means you need to make sure that no one leave hungry! Especially you!
These don’t have to be unhealthy snacks – think homemade soup and crunchy croutons; but this is your
night and if you’re hoping to treat yourself then now is the time! Think sweets, crisps, sandwiches, pizza,
chips and plenty of wine! Even hot chocolate with all the fixings!
What smells better than hot pizza sizzling away in the oven? Or when you open the box of your takeaway

How would you plan your perfect night in?



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