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Tips For Decorating This Christmas On A Budget

Hey Cats,

The best thing about Christmas besides sharing time with the ones you love is getting your house all festive and pretty. It can cost a fortune if you let it but it really doesn’t have to. I love doing a bit of diy to just add those little touches to your home and the best thing is you can get the whole family in on it from anything as simple as making salt dough decorations to choosing a simple theme together. So many people go all out every year buying new decorations and changing the colour theme. This can cost you thousands if you let it. Festive lights have some great tips you can also check out which inspired this post.

Re use last years decorations or shop for new ones that fit the same theme in cheaper shops. Poundland and George have really upped their Christmas game and you can still get great quality items for a cheaper price tag. My moms tree is beautiful with an all white theme and she picked these decorations up from places like Wilko and George and then filled in with some cheaper decorations on the same theme and the impact is just beautiful with the right lights too my tree already has lights on so there is no getting tangled up or arguing over the best positioning.

Try making your own unique decorations it can be so simple. For work our Christmas window has to be done on a budget to create the most impact so we got some clear baubles which you can pick up from places like eBay and amazon and we added in just a simple bit of confetti and then hung them on invisible thread. With the light hitting off the baubles the confetti sparkles and give a really classy finish to the look. You can add your own spin to this by adding names or even turning them into a gift by filling them with sweets or small treats adding a bow and it looks cute with minimal effort so even those of you who are beginners to DIY decorations can jump on board with this.

Make your own wreath by using things you find naturally. If you have a holly bush locally or even pine cones or just want to use up some old baubles you can make a super impressive wreath to hang on your door which will have all your neighbours amazed at not only how festive your house looks but how awesome your skills are.

Keep it minimal just some pretty lights and a small tree can brighten up any house plus once all the presents are under the tree you can use cute wrapping paper or even make your own in line with your theme. Plus the less decorations you use the easier it is to put away after Christmas as I always ended up with the tree landing on me somehow.

What are your tips for easy decorating?


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