Does she like me? How you will know.

Hey Cats,

So lads you want to know if that special lady you’re into likes you back and is on the same page but you haven’t a clue? If you haven’t met your match yet check out  local dating sites like Tayside singles, Nottingham dating, Bedfordshire dating, Belfast dating or Hertfordshire dating site. Then it’s time to find out if she likes you.

She makes room for you

Making room for you can be precived in more than one way. First of if she literally makes time to hang out with you as often as possible and even at short notice then chances are she loves being in your company. If she literally allows you into her personal space by leaning in to hear your tales of your university days or chooses to scotch up on a chair inviting you to sit with her she wants to be close to you and share that important space with you. Personal space is a very intimate thing so if she wants you in hers respect it and let her know you like her too.

She’s always smiling 

When you walk in the bar she suddenly has a huge smile on her face. She may smile a at you and look away coyly because she is excited to see you and comes over all nervous. Grab that eye contact and let her know you noticed her too. If she keeps smiling then smile back and then it may be time to talk to her and get that number. Big real smiles are hard to avoid when you really like someone those cheesy toothy grins come out and chances are your date is going to love yours just as much as you like theirs.

She may tease you

Gentle playful teasing is the oldest form of flirting in the book from playground to now we never seem to grow out of it as soon as we like someone. If she is constantly playful and teasing even giving you gentle nudges now and again then she most likely likes you. Maybe she laughs at your joke but teases you about how bad they are. Really she wants to hear more.

Makes excuses to talk

If you work together and she makes a point of stopping by your desk every day to ask you for help on something chances are she just wants to say hi. Similar with dropping those daily texts because your on her mind and she wants to talk to you. Games are silly just be yourself and communicate with someone if you’re into them then drop that text to ask how they are.

How else can you tell if she likes you?



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