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Cleanse That Dating Profile

Hey Cats,

It is almost the end of the year where we get all reflective and start setting goals and cleansing our lives. So why should our dating lives be any different? A common mistake many online daters make is to set up their profile and then just leave it at that. Seriously though we add our favourite films, and music but surely these things are constantly evolving just like our profile should be.

One of the most important things is to keep your pictures up to date, sure it is tempting to use a picture from a few years ago that still looks like you but is it a true representation? I am constantly changing my hair or my style and it is good to change your pictures every now and again especially your main one as you may capture someone else’s eye or a quiet admirer may get the confidence to drop you a message. Also try and have a good range of pictures at least 5 is great as it can show lots about you and give a little insight to the things you like to do.


Change around the wording every now and again like when you were in school and you had to reassess drafts of your work take a look to see if you are including enough to make someone want to message you. Always leave the reader wanting more though as if you include everything about your life then it can put some people off as they can be a bit intimidated and have no idea what to talk to you about. Plus that guy at Starbucks might suddenly know your life story. Keep your information up to date and fresh because a lot of dating sites boost you on the searches when you update any of your profile.

Reassess your filters like your age range and distance because that perfect partner could be just a mile out of the radius you set or maybe a year out of your bracket. By having a look at the restrictions you set you may find fresh people to chat to. If you feel like your filters are too wide and your getting attention from people too young or too old then maybe bring them in a bit and the selection of matches may become more compatible. Quality matches are important and although you should try and talk to a diverse range of people if you’re just not that interested move on and talk to the ones you are interested in. I made some lovely friends through chatting away but after a certain amount of time you have to be clear about your intentions so they don’t feel led on but if they are on the same page then awesome.


If you’re still finding that you’re not getting the right kind of matches then maybe it isn’t the right kind of dating site for you. There are so many to choose from now so you can always try new sites. Sometimes trying sites that are location based like Cumbria dating, Hampshire dating, Suffolk datingOxfordshire dating and Glasgow dating have the best impact in finding you dates on your doorstep.

How do you keep your dating profile fresh?



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