The Fashions That Will Never Steer You Wrong

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Fashion is a fickle thing. One season a piece of clothing could be all the rage; the next it could be deemed as being as out of date as a piece of clothing worn by the dinosaurs. It truly is difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion, and only those who are seriously committed to doing so would be able to do it properly. But even if you're not the type of person to take fashion too seriously, that need not mean you must always fall behind with the latest styles. No, there are a number of fashions and items of clothing out there that are somewhat evergreen and will never, ever steer you wrong when you wear them.

Shoes that will never steer you in the wrong direction

Footwear is blessed with a number of evergreen items that, when bought and worn, will never steer you wrong in regards to both fashion and practicality. One such item is the classic Timberland  boot; these boots have been a mainstay of fashion for decades, and not just for those who wear them for protection at work. They became a fashion icon thanks mainly to the fact that they are embedded into the hip-hop style of fashion — a fashion that itself has been atop of the world of fashion for well over two decades. However, despite how fashionable and practical Timberland Boots may be, there are comfier options out there. What’s more, there are comfier options out there that will never, ever steer you wrong in regards to fashion.

One such option is the classic Converse design. Coming in an array of colours (but mainly in white), this classic footwear fashion is often cheaply replicated, but is never quite right unless it has the Converse seal of approval on it. And because it is a fashion that has managed to last for well over 40 years (check the feet of the actors in Alien, released in the 70s), it’s probably safe to say it will carry on lasting too! So, get yourself a pair of Converse by Spartoo and prepare to have your finger placed firmly on the pulse of footwear fashion for years to come. However, if Converse really aren’t for you, then why not try Vans instead? They are of similar size, similar style and similar evergreen status to their Converse cousins.

The jackets that will never fall out of fashion

There are a number of jackets out there that could be worn at any time, in any generation, and still look super cool. A jacket that truly embodies this statement is the ever-evergreen jacket known as the Moto. This type of leather jacket instantly gives anybody that wears it an edgy, mysterious look. It also makes them look both trendy, and that they drove here on a motorbike.

But you don’t have to buy a specific jacket to last you through the next few seasons and trends. No, you can do this by paying attention to the colour of the jackets that you look to buy too. And one colour that you should always look for is green. Green really is an evergreen colour; it keeps coming back, winter season after winter season. So, go green!

Keeping your finger on the pulse of fashion may seem like a hard thing to do, but it’s not if you cut a few corners. And what is meant by cut a few corners is buy clothes of evergreen status. When you do so, your clothes won’t ever steer you wrong again. In fact, they might give you the retro look that makes all your friends jealous.

What are your fashion staples?


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