Making Sure Your Man Has As Much Style As You Do

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Alright, here’s the thing: you’ve started seeing a new man. He’s cool, funny, into all the right music and films, has a keen sense of adventure...but he doesn’t know how to dress. Sure, there are some people who say this is no big deal, but let’s disregard that opinion altogether: if we look good, then we need the person we’re stepping out onto the town with to look good too. It’s hard to be a shining star at an event if you’ve got a stylish black hole standing next to you. Dump him? No, not for this. Instead, you need to set about your new project: getting him to up his style game. Of course, don’t tell him you’re working on his clothing. This plan flies under the radar. Below, we offer twelve tips to make your partner look (almost) as good as you do.

Assessing the Wardrobe

OK, first thing’s first: what exactly is the issue - is it the clothes, the fit, the style, the colors? By taking a look at your partner’s wardrobe, you’ll be able to figure out your next move. Some guys have all the right clothes, but they just don’t know how to put them together to create a cohesive, stylish look. You might find that they have too much of one thing, not enough of another. If all their clothes are old and tattered, then you’ll know that problem can be solved by shopping. Phew.

Be Gentle

But before we begin transforming our partner into a style icon, it’s important to remember that this isn’t just about getting them to look good for your sake. No one likes to be told that they don’t dress well! So this is a delicate issue, one with which you need to tread lightly. Some guys won’t care that you’ve got complaints with how they dress, but you can’t take this for a given. You’ll want to be encouraging, upbeat, non-judgemental - try to make it fun!

Inviting Him To Go Shopping

What’s more difficult: getting blood from a stone, or getting a guy to agree to go shopping? It’s a tough one to answer. When you’re trying to get him to go shopping with you, don’t say “let’s spend our Saturday shopping.” That’ll be a flat no if they don’t like shopping. Instead, keep it loose - have shopping just one part of a jam-packed day. Head into the city to see the sights, get food, see a show, a bit of shopping...easy. Or, you can always do the shopping for him and come back with a few bags. If they don’t fit or suit, just take them back.

Get the Basics Right

There’s no greater truism when it comes to fashion that if you get the basics right, the battle is mostly won. When it comes to revamping your man’s style start with the essentials. Anyone who knows anything about style knows that it all stems from the bottom up. If he has a killer footwear and jeans set, everything else will take of itself. This is the quickest, easiest way to get style.

Encourage Him To Be Bold

Of course, once the essentials are taken care of it’s all about having fun. You only live one life, so why not be bold and wearing something that stands out? These aren’t the everyday pieces, but when you’re heading out on the town, an item of clothing with a bit of a kick to it can go a long way. He might be a bit resistant, so try to find a piece you think would look good on him, have him try it on, and sell how good he looks in it to him.

Holidays and Birthdays Are Your Friends

And talking of going bold: there’s no better way to get him to adopt a stylish item than to simply buy it for him. Make the most of the holiday and birthday gifts you get him, and use them as an opportunity to really up the ante of his style. It’s your chance to get him an accessory or piece of clothing he might not buy himself. It’s not just style, either; they can also be lifelong gifts. Indeed, you can buy him a stylish piece of jewelry under the pretence of a “lifelong gift”, as in the case of gold chains designed by frost nyc. You might not be able to convince them to adopt all the style tips you give them, but you can push them a little bit further towards looking great through your gift buying.

Finding His Style

Of course, it’s not only about picking items of clothing and accessories for him. For the effects to be long-lasting, he needs to have a style, one that he can adhere to with all future purchases. Finding an individual style is part of the fun of buying clothes, and he might not settle on one straight away. Play around with new looks, and he’ll eventually find one that he’s happy to settle on. Naturally, you’ll run the risk that he’ll pick a style that you don’t like as much as others, but you can’t win every battle!

It’s Shape, Not Always Style

If you just want your man to look a little bit sharper than they currently are, then it might be that a whole wardrobe overhaul isn’t necessary. You might just need to buck up their purchases, so it’s more in line with their body shape. Believe it or not, a large junk of a person’s style isn’t down to the design of their clothes: it’s how well their clothes are fitted to their body. A simple sneakers, jeans, and t-shirt look can look amazing if everything is tailored to the person’s body.


It’s highly unlikely that your partner is going to jump into the task of revamping their wardrobe with all the energy they can muster. They might be resistant, but at best they’ll probably be ambivalent. So how do you get them on the hook? By paying them compliments, of course! Everybody likes to be told they look good, and if you’re throwing out a few “you look really good today,” or “those jeans look great on you,” then you’ll be fuelling their motivation to be stylish. You have to be sincere with your compliments, though!

Small Progress

You shouldn’t expect a revolution to happen overnight. Indeed, if you are too cavalier with your approach to your man’s wardrobe, you’ll likely find that they reject the idea altogether. As such, it’s important that you start small and look for small victories. It takes time to put together a wardrobe that looks good. Begin by taking care of some of the essentials, and gradually build up the rest of the style over time.

Don’t Force It

Similarly, don’t force your agenda on your partner. The key is to be a motivator, not a dictator. It’s about getting them to want to look good, not forcing upon them a new wardrobe that they don’t care about. If you give a man a piece of clothing, he’ll look good until it doesn’t fit him anymore: teach a man how to buy clothing, and he’ll look good forever. Motivate, inspired, encourage, and you’ll have a stylish guy on your hands in no time.


We all know the frustration of having a partner. Unlike other problems, this one - getting your partner to dress well - isn’t even really a problem. It’s just a want of ours. Put the time in without being forceful, and you’ll get the changes you want. Soon, you’ll be the best-dressed couple on the town!


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