Always Be Beach Ready

Hey Cats,

Summer is here, and that means longing to or actually hitting the beach. Are you beach ready right now? What the hell is beach ready anyway here are my tips for hitting the beach this summer and staying safe and happy and having a kick ass time. The beach can be a scary place for some people so be kind to others and enjoy the natural beauty in each other while you enjoy the allure of the world. What is more beautiful than human kindness and taking in the waves as the sun sets with the sand between your toes. Can you tell I am just full of wanderlust?

Choose Awesome Beachwear and Accessories

All bodies are beach bodies and a persons choice of what to wear to the beach should be respected. A while back there was huge uproar when a company advertised implying only small bodies should be able to wear bikini's on the beach. Bigger bodies, smaller bodies and everyone in between can make any clothing choice they choose from a killer bikini to not baring anything never judge or make anyone feel anything less than amazing for what they wear especially at a place as empowering as the beach. Also make sure you choose a good quality beach towel to keep you dry and have somewhere comfortable to sit.

So no matter what your size, age or gender if you want to rock that bikni go for it. Choose something you're comfortable in. I dig bright colours with a a cute print and you can pick up some super cute beach towels which are like watermelons and pizzas or rocking flamingos if you prefer a fun quirky style. Don't forget those big sunnies.

Apply Some Fake Bake

Fake tan can really do wonders. Not only will it give you a healthy glow, but it can go a long way to masking scars, stretchmarks and other spots you might be self-conscious off if having them lasered is not an option, or you can go to a professional salon like California Sun. Personally my legs never naturally tan and always remain milk bottle white so sometimes I like a bit of tan to help me feel like I have an all over colour.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Most women prefer to be smooth and hair free in their bikinis, but constantly having to shave or epilate can be a nuisance in the summer. If you want to always be beach ready, you should look into Hollywood Skin Hair Removal or professional waxing instead. Not only will you get a smoother finish, but hair will grow back much slower too. If you prefer to grow out your hair then that is awesome and of course discount all of the above but as a woman with PCOS unwanted hair has been something that bothers me personally and a lot of other PCOS suffers. I respect everyone's own choice with their own body and I hope dear readers that you do to,

Little Touches

A good make up setting spray is a must if you're a make up junkie and you don't want it to budge while you splash about in the sea or sun it up. You get them for really inexpensive prices these days or if you are just a good mascara grrrl go for a waterproof option instead. Paint your toenails so you are ready for that snapchat or instagram post with the waves lapping your feet and the sand between your toes. Most of all wear a healthy dose of sun cream and have shade or a hat available keep hydrates and stay kind to each other.


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