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Tattoo Removal The Basics

Hey Cats,

These days it seems like everyone and their best mate has a tattoo and it is so amazing that the world has become more accepting of people being more diverse. Although I do see people who are tattoo clad getting younger and younger. I LOVE any form of art and body art is the most amazing expression of who a person is however I do think that there is a danger of tattoos becoming a fashion piece and then what happens when the fashion changes?  Think carefully about your choices but also e aware of the options out there.

I am amazed at how far medical advances have come and that now for as little as £70 you are able to start the process of removing a tattoo form your body. A few of my friends have grown out of the tattoos they had in their younger days or simply want to remove a bad memory from their life and have started the process of laser tattoo removal. Check out the video below to find out a little more about the process from pulse light clinic who offer laser tattoo removal in London.

It is amazing how it works using a new laser technology from Picosure during the treatment the laser light is used on the skin to break the ink down into smaller pieces which are then broken down and naturally absorbed by the body. The picosure laser is different from most as it is able to use photo mechanical principles which really help this method work in breaking down even the most stubborn of inks.

Now I am not saying rush out get tattoos just because there is now an option to remove them but I am saying that there are people out there who do need this amazing service and it really does make me feel less nervous about the idea of getting a tattoo myself.

Have you had a tattoo removed?

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