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Would you take amenities for granted?

Hey Cats,

With moving to the countryside recently I have become more in touch with all the things I took for granted whilst living in the city. So when I got asked what it would be like to live in an even more remote area I really got to thinking, Being a farm girl I am no stranger to hard work but wonder how many people realise the efforts that goes into day to day tasks when you don't have the amenities we have become so used to.

Look at those views they are beautiful right? I grew up in the beautiful countryside of Wales which wasn't so different from this stunning view. We had our own stream and well but even there we had neighbours close by and energy like electric and gas to give us that little helping hand every day. For me Gas and electric are the biggest things we take for granted all the time. We come home from work to our perfectly timed heating that allows us to just jump straight into a warm shower and settle down to our electronic devices. I already think we need to step away from devices and talk to each other now and again which is why I don't blog as often anymore it isn't because I don't love you grrrls and guys but quality family time is so important and just being able to go out or even stay in and chat is the best.

Round by me lots of people have log burners but with log burners it means you have to source economical and environmentally sustainable and friendly wood. You can't just walk up to your nearest tree and chop it down which is why I think gas is so valuable, It has a way of heating you to the core and really warming up those bitter cold days. Trust me after years of only electric heaters I take my central heating seriously it just keeps the house warmer for longer. In the sticks though you wouldn't be able to have central heating because the demand for gas pipes and lines wouldn't be there so it wouldn't be so readily available. However Flogas seem to have some great alternatives. You can get a gas cylinder to use in a fire or as a water heating source to give you more time to kick back with a book. I know if I lived in such a beautiful place I would love to read and explore all day long.

What would you miss if you moved to a beautiful but isolated region?

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