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Finding Photographers through Bidvine (review)

Hey Cats,

As you know me and the Mr got engaged. Which means now we are frantically saving our money up for a we haven't really thought about other than browsing rock'n'roll bride and staring at my gorgeous engagement ring. So I decided it was time to start getting some quotes so I knew just how much I needed to budget for. Now we aren't looking to have a huge wedding so watch this space for lots of ideas and diy attempts. I want to take you on the journey with us.

One of the most important things about a wedding day (other than marrying the person you love duh) is capturing the moment beautifully so you can share your beautiful memories for life. So to me a photographer is so important to have on the big day. I wanted to get together some quotes that were no obligation as we haven't even booked the big day yet and just wanted to get some ideas. Then I found out about Bidvine

Bidvine allows you to hire local professionals and easily get quotes. So I gave it a go. It was easy to join using an existing social media account. I signed up using my google id so there were no boring forms and I could jump straight in to exploring the site. It doesn't just stop at photographers there are all kinds of services available, All you have to do is put in the service you're looking for (which for me was a wedding photographer) then add your postcode and bidvine will do the rest for you. Bidvine then reviews your area and the contractors and professionals available and they can get in touch through the site to give you a quote. If you prefer to be contacted by phone you can choose that option also.

I had a response within the hour even though Bidvine advised me it could take a few days. I was really impressed at how quick the service was and you are able to read about the professional and any reviews they already have from people who have already used their services, For me this is a fantastic service as I have just moved to the area so it is vital to find trusted and respectable local professionals.

We still have a lot of saving to go yet but I think this is an excellent service that I will definitely be using again,

Have you heard of Bidvine?

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