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Crazy Beauty Expectations and Procedures

Hey Cats,

We live in a world of medical advances that just blow my mind every day but with the good comes the down right crazy. People put way too many expectations and pressure on how their bodies should look and be to be accepted by society, Especially as a woman these things are thrown in our face every day. So lets explore procedures and I want to know your thoughts on them?

I think it is amazing that doctors can reconstruct and create the human body. I am a strong believer in anyone right to change their bodies or not if they wish, after all it is their body. However I am also a body positive advocate and a believer that you should always strive to love the body you're in and step away from the constant need for acceptance from others.

Plastic Surgery  was once something only the stars could afford and mainly used for vanity reasons. Boobs must be bigger, waist must be smaller and face perfect. So many people get addicted to adjusting their looks and even more recently with the decrease in price this enables people to take the ability to change themselves too far such as to look like their favourite celebrity. There are countless Micheal Jackson impersonators who have gone under the knife but more recently in the media was a man who had got himself deeper into debt in the attempt to look like David Beckham purely because he is idolised as looking like the 'perfect' man in the media. Sadly he he was only 19 years older and  he maybe needs to look deeper and discover the amazing body positive community but then he says he is happy and who am I to judge.

There are so many amazing positive points to plastic surgery too though like the ability to reconstruct someones body after an accident, or help someone who genuinely is happier after having a nose job. For some people making a drastic change will be the only hurdle they can consider to help them reach that happiness within them.

On a similar line would be labiaplasty in which women alter the look of their labia, How many times have you actually took a good look at your vagina in the mirror and really appreciated it? How many other vaginas have you seen? I'm not talking about in glamorised porn where every inch of a body is reviewed and even adapted before being presented on screen. If you must take porn as your way to see what other women look like then look at unedited less mass produced porn instead. Most importantly though understand that everyone looks different. Some labia are small and concealed and some are pronounced and chubby. Before considering something this extreme learn more about your own body. Again there are also positive sides to a procedure like this being available meaning that women who were born into a different biological gender can now make the transition of gender reassignment and have the choice of having labia if they so wish.

Then of course there is Anal Bleaching another unrealistic beauty standard that has come from mass produced porn. Women and men desire the pinkest bumholes in the illusion or belief that it means it is cleaner and more acceptable, If your bottom has a pigmentation different to that of nude or even pink it doesn't mean that you're not clean or that your partner will be repulsed. However if you do choose that anal bleaching is for you do it safely.  Make sure you do your research and make sure you know what you are doing before jumping in bum first.

Most of all no matter what your choices just make sure you do them for you and love yourself first. 

What are your opinions? Have you ever anal bleached? 

This has been a collaborative post please see disclaimer 


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