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A-Z Of Inspirational Women P is for....

Hey Grrrls,

If you re new to the blog this is the part where we celebrate amazing women and their achievements. These are all women who have inspired me in one way or another and I always want to find out who inspires you too! When it came to thinking of ladies that begin with P that inspire me I suddenly realised there are loads. Maybe that's a sign to name your daughters with a name beginning with P. As always I am most influenced by musicians and artists.

Patti Smith the one and only, Patti to me is the ultimate in punk rock star. Crowd surfing with her big back combed hair and men's suit with a big finger up at all those who said women need to be feminine. Patti Smith is beauty in its rawest form and man can she write songs and make music. I remember being a teenage girl lying on my bedroom floor and being taken  away to another place by this magical woman. To this day a book of her lyrics is still one of my favourite books, A woman full of wisdom in a guardian interview recently she was quoted saying "You decide your own fate. Are you going to fall apart or own it?".

Next up is a lady you will all probably know very well and that is the every beautiful and talented Paloma Faith.

I bow down to all that is Paloma. Her voice is like stepping back to the blues it is beyond beautiful and when I went ti see her live and she covered Billie Holiday I just died on the spot. She gives her all on stage and just blew me away. Sadly I haven't got to see her since but would go again in a heartbeat. Ti still feel like that 5 years on is a rare mainstream gig experience for me, She is quirky, firey and boy does she have a voice. She can act too catch her playing a goth in st trins.

I told you women in music had my heart and the next one is no different to that.Another woman that oozes glamour and writes beautiful music is the one and only miss PJ Harvey. Her dark hair and red lips caught my heart in down by the water,

Never afraid to rock body hair or get half naked with the world watching. Dare I say she is the female Nick Cave she did an amazing cover with him  in which she sounds just amazing. I am utterly swooning over Pj for life she is so chilled and relaxed and always my bubble bath music, she is a true poet. Her lyrics are beautifully dark and alluring.

Last but not least for today's inspirational women is the every amazing Patricia Day from horrorpops.

Not only is she my ultimate style icon but she plays a mean upright bass, She is also the lead singer and has the most beautiful voice singing about horrific beauty like zombies, being a rebel and the band even have psychobilly gogo dancers. She is a psychobilly queen who makes me want to have bangs so badly. She has been both curvy and small and rocked them with utter class and body confidence.

Who do you think is an inspirational woman? check out the rest of the series .


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