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The Revenant Review

Hey Film Fanatics,

This weekend has been about grabbing some popcorn, nachos and an ice blast to settle in front of the big screen to finally see The Revenant. If you are planning to go swoon over Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hardy I suggest you prepare to shed tears for a bleak tale that will make you do anything but drool seeing these guys do what they do best and act their asses off.

A harrowing tale based on true events in 1823 when a team go exploring in the harsh wilderness to bring home hides to sell to feed their families, Attacked and having to abandon the mission to head back to home Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) leads the troop forward with a bickering John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Glass scouts ahead only to be attacked by a bear. The attack is such a brutal scene which had me squirming in my seat almost certain he wouldn't make it out the other side feeling the weight of the paws with every blow. When the group finally find Glass he is close to death and after struggling to move forward he is left in the hands of Fitzgerald who leaves him to die.

The end ... come on really? did you really think they would kill off Glass so quickly? What follows is a tough tale of struggle, heartache and determination of a man with nothing left to lose. If DiCaprio doesn't finally get to dust off his Oscar speech for this one they truly are fixed. Saying so much without even saying a word you will be wiping those tears away so bring tissues. Set in beautifully haunting vast landscapes of harsh snow covered wilderness the story is warmed up with touches of humanity found in an unexpected comrade. Prepare to be constantly plunged back into the cold with Glass along the way.

John Fitzgerald is a harsh man but shares one thing with Glass left with nothing and alone in the world but taking the wrong path showing the opposite of everything that is good in Glass, A strong character non the less you will find yourself routing against, The story covers racism, war and betrayal with an overall sombre tone as bleak as the backdrop a tragic and heartbreaking tale that will play with your emotions but well worth the roller coaster ride,

Have you seen The Revenant yet?


  1. Omg how have I not heard of this film?! It sounds amazing!!

  2. I don't think I would enjoy this very much because I'm a total wimp and would HATE the attack scene! Looks like a very well made movie though!

  3. I really want to see this! It definitely looks like a tough watch rather than a swoon-along-at-Leo-and-Tom kinda flick, but both have great acting talent so I have high hopes!

    Milly // <a href=">Mini Adventures</a>

  4. I really want to watch this as I am a huge fan of Leonardo and Tom Hardy there are both excellent actors. I am kind of rooting for Eddie Redmayne but would be happy if Leonardo won it too!


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