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It's been a hoot!

Hey Sweets

If you have graced the lovely streets of Birmingham over the last few months you would have noticed we had lots of special visitors. One of the great things about living in a big city in the summer is the streets get filled with art. I have spoke to you before about all the amazing graffiti around Birmingham but this time art came in the form of owls. In a bid to raise money for Birmingham's children hospital the city took to its artistic roots.

Across the city in parks, by shops and even in the museum 89 huge owls and 122 little owlets were placed. Each owl was sponsored by a business in the city and decorated with a theme. From underwater owls to peace and shiny wise ones every one had it's own little personality which captured the public hearts.

Families took their little ones on owl hunts. Friends gathered with maps to track down their favourites and once again art brought people together. You could spend as little as 10 minutes or hours just in the city centre wondering around and it wouldn't be long before you stumbled upon another one.

Sadly now the city has said goodbye to these awesome creatures but they are being auctioned off to raise money for a hospital that saves and helps so many children. Which is why the schools did their part too with helping design the little hoots.

These are just a sample of the owls that popped up across the city and I hope you enjoyed this little peep. Did you come to Birmingham to see the owls? Which was your favourite?

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  1. Oh they are so cute! We get similar every year, this years was Shawn the sheep. We did the full trail last year, it took us ages lol Great way to raise money and awareness for the charity plus a great way to explore lesser known spots in your city x

  2. Love this! We stay in Bromsgrove and we did a spot of owl hunting this summer too! Back Home in Aberdeen a couple of years ago we had dolphins that were scattered among the city and it was so much fun hunting them down!

  3. Awesome! We've had elephants and busses and cows and all sorts in London and I love going hunting for them. So cute!

  4. Awww, they are so lovely! I did see someone posting them on Instagram but didn't know they were in Birmingham. xx

    Just Me Leah


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