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How to get hosiery to match your skin tones...

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The weather is changing and that means a new item added to our outfits,,,lets talk hosiery. 
From ultra-sheer to body-shaping, jive-seamed and stretch, there are plenty of hosiery products on offer for you to choose from. Because of this frankly bewildering level of choice, it’s easy to get in a spin when selecting these fashion accessories. As well as finding the right style of tights, stockings or hold-ups, you’ll need to make sure the designs you go for complement your skin tone. Fortunately though, help is at hand. The following tips should help you to turn heads in your hosiery for all the right reasons.

Going nude
It’s not all that long ago that nude tights and stockings were considered to be a big fashion no no. However, since the wedding of style icon Kate Middleton to Prince William in 2011, natural hosiery has been well and truly back in vogue. Perfect for all seasons, these products hide a multitude of sins, from the dreaded cellulite to veins, bruises and wayward hairs. For the best results, aim for colours that look warm against your skin tone and steer clear of hues that make your skin look sallow. Hosiery specialists like Stockings HQ have responded to demand for a varied range of colours and now offer nude hosiery in hues ranging from bamboo to tan and chocolate.   
Colours may vary on site
If you have very pale skin and want to achieve a completely natural look, opt for products in the lightest colours available. You can also afford to move up to more golden hues if you want that sun-kissed look, but steer clear of anything too tinted as this could make you look dated. For naturally tanned skin, hosiery with brown undertones works best and a little shine can add to the glowing effect. Don’t go overboard on the brown though otherwise your legs will seem unnatural compared with the rest of your body.
If your skin is olive coloured, try to find tights or stockings in hues that are at least as dark as your natural tone. If you opt for something paler, you could end up looking washed out. Similar rules apply if you have dark skin. Make sure you avoid hosiery that’s lighter than your legs otherwise the overall effect could be unbalanced and draining.
Adding a splash of colour
Of course, you don’t have to stick to natural colours. Instead, you might want to mix things up and add a splash of colour to your outfits with bolder tights. For darker complexions, warm colours like greens, golds, oranges and reds can work perfectly, while for paler skin, blues, greys and purples are ideal.

By bearing tips like these in mind, you should be able to find hosiery that complements your skin tone and finishes your outfits to perfection.  

*This post was in partnership with Stocking HQ


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