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The Wanderlust Bucket List

I really love travelling and seeing new places it can be so eye opening. So far I have been lucky enough to have been able to travel a fair bit in my last job some of my favourite places that I have been are Sri Lanka, Berlin and USA. After you have been out of the country once you definitely get wanderlust. How can you not when there are still so many places left in the world to explore? So today I want to talk to you about the top 5 countries (In no order) on my wish list to visit. So grab your passports and lets go on an adventure together...

First stop Mexico! A country rich in culture and food.... so much food. Mexican is way too popular in our household me and the Mr love hot sauces, tacos and tequila. It is never enough though we want the real thing. Sipping tequila while the sun beams down on us looking out onto the ocean sounds heavenly doesn't it? Mexico holds so much more than a boozy, beach holiday though there is so much more to explore. If you are a regular reader you will know of my love for Frida Khalo you can find out more about here here. Mexico was the home to such a talented and inspiring woman and you can literally visit where she once lived and see some of her art work for real. For my Top 5 reasons to go to Mexico check out my post HERE.

Lets hop back on the plane next stop Australia! Are we sensing a sunny theme here? Lets face it the UK has us hungry for real sunshine. A country that offers beautiful beaches and rustic outback experiences. I can't do full on beach holidays because I have a thirst for so much more, and can't sit still long enough to catch a sun tan.  Australia has so many beautiful places to visit like the Great barrier reef or trekking through the outback and is home to many an awesome musicians like C W Stoneking. Beware Australia is not for the squeamish as a lot of the wildlife although beautiful are deadly just check out this Buzzfeed article, Still it is well worth it as our Aussie cousins are notorious for being warm and welcoming and ready to party. Plus who doesn't want to hang out with the every awesome Kobi from Horror Kitsch Bitch.

Typically the plane is delayed! We could fall asleep on this uncomfortable chair but I say lets hit the bar grab an overpriced airport drink and look at our holiday snaps. Before we know it we are flying off to South Africa. Now we are on the plane there is no letting up because we are off to somewhere who will encourage you to ride an ostrich, kayak with crocodiles, and dive with great whites. Another sunny place with beautiful beaches and lots of culture. I have to admit that thing that draws me to this place is the magical wildlife. The number one place in the world to see animals in a more natural setting from the safety of a jeep, safari so goodie lets jump on a boat next. South Africa is one of the best places for shark fans. If you are brave enough you can jump in a cage but if not you can see this beautiful creature leap through the air while you stand in total awe trying not to get sea sick.

Buckle up, have a rest while your heart rate slows down, catch some sleep on the plane for the next adventure. Since the sky is our limit and we are totally greedy lets road trip across the USA. I have been to the USA a fair few times but have only really been to Florida. You guessed it pure Disney adventures but I feel like I want to see the rest of the USA now. New Orleans with it's deep south cuisine and music scene. Not to mention the crazy party atmosphere that comes around there.  I would have to stop by Olympia  home of riot grrrl and hopefully check out a local band. My lovely friend January would kick my ass if I didn't visit Portland and get my cider on with her. Dance round the streets of Baltimore and pretend I am in every John Waters film ever. A drive round South California blasting some punk tunes. Shopping in New York and BBQ in Texas. Lets catch a show in Las Vegas and then head for the plane again.

Coming a little bit closer to home, somewhere I instantly fell in love with is the amazing Germany. Good beer, good bratwursts and such friendly people. I went to Berlin some time ago and enjoyed exploring the graffiti streets and bumping into The hoff. I would love to go back to Berlin for some more crazy bar crawls and awesome art. I also want to see even more of Germany and long to go to Munich to see the breath taking mountains. Always a festival going on in Germany with psychobilly fests, beer festivals and more so lets party it up before we head home.

Phew what a trip! How was it for you? Where did we miss?


  1. I adore to travel, just love it, and can't wait to do more. I am off stateside soon for a wedding (Minneapolis and NYC), and hoping to do Mexico or the Caribbean the year after (another wedding - venue still undecided).
    Also on my list - Morocco, Vietnam, Venice, Florence and South America...

  2. ahh I think I may have to blog about the places I wanna go to. Love this idea xxx

  3. Ah, Mexico and New Orleans are definitely on my bucket list - in fact my other half and I have one so long that we reckon we've got our holidays sorted for the next decade or so. Just need to save the pennies now!

  4. I've just got back from Istanbul but next on my travel bucket list is New York x

  5. Great list I huge shark fan so completely understnd wanting to see the jumping great whites in South Africa

  6. I would definitely go cage diving with sharks! Just imagine the adrenaline rush, it'd be so awesome! I'd also love to go to New Orleans for all the new age stuff, and to hear the ghost stories!

  7. Great list - I'd probably give the sharks a miss though!

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  8. I can highly recommend brisbane. Amazing city, street art & cultural offerings are awesome. Plus the Gold Coast is only 30mins away.

  9. I love travelling, I will do an inspired post since I think the idea is fun. There are so many places to visit, this summer i'm going to meet Rome and I can't wait. My dream trip is to Thailand =)

  10. I love this post, me and my partner go on our first plane on Monday. We are so excited. How lucky to have a job that allowed you to travel. Thank you for joining in with the #WMBlogChat Linky x


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