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#FridayFright- It Follows

Hey Horror Lovers,

Back by popular demand is Friday Fright! I have missed writing these posts too so am stoked to bring this series back. Where I will be bringing you film reviews, interviews and more.

Last night I watched a film which I can honestly say gave me the creeps and that really does take a lot. 'It Follows' was released last year and I have only just around to watching it. Tucked up under a duvet with the lights dimmed I went in blind with no idea what the film was about.

The clue is in the title. Have you ever been walking down the street at night and someone is walking towards you but not just walking past but walking right at you. Your palms get sweaty, your heart rate rises and you see your life flash before your eyes. Now think about the perfect date that leads to a force giving you that constant feeling. That is exactly what happens to our teenage protagonist.

After a sexual encounter with a new guy in her life Jay's simple life of school and fun weekends turns into a constant fear of being caught by the supernatural force that is following her. Trying to convince her close friends that she isn't crazy while trying to dodge death.

I know I would roll my eyes too at that concept but honestly this is done so well you truly find yourself freaking out and swearing never to have sex in your life. They should play this film in sex education lessons and teenage pregnancies would be a thing of the past.

The framing of shots and the locations are beautifully presented and that alone is worth giving this film a watch. It wasn't nominated at Cannes film festival for nothing, so is not your average Thriller/Horror. The beautiful filming style gives all the jumps in the right places and builds up suspense for the most avid viewer. This is complimented by the dark and minimalist soundtrack, no songs just atmosphere at it's darkest.

My only fault in the film is sometimes character relationships got a little sloppy and confusing but you soon come up to speed as the plot isn't too complex. Overall a smart, dark psychological play on emotions rather than all out blood guts and gore. So perfect if your sick of all the throw blood at the screen horrors that have been churned out recently.

A big 4.5 / 5 from team Kaos.

Have you seen 'It Follows'? What was the last film you watched that scared you?


  1. Not seen it, but not really a fan of horrors as such, do love a good ghost story though.


  2. I LOVED this film and really want that shell phone in it but it doesn't exist :( Have you seen Ex Machina? That was great and had a lasting effect on me xx

  3. Ohh I have to watch this if you say it's actually scary. I love horror movies, I always have since I was a kid (which means I was a pretty frightened kid and couldn't be in the house alone!). I feel like nowadays it's very hard to find a truly scary movie, the industry seems more focused on gore rather than making people feel the pure fear of what's on screen, such a shame. xx

  4. Haven't seen a horror film in a while, and this one sounds like my kind of film.

  5. I too am looking for a decent horror. I like the more psychological rather than out and out gore fests. Will check this out! Sounds promising. Thanks fir sharing your review ��

  6. Sounds like a really good movie I have to watch it sometime

  7. My mate is obsessed with horrors, this sounds right up our street. I think this could be our next movie night choice.


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