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#BEDM- Rocking A Spring Cardigan With Wool Overs

Hey Fashionistas

I am going a little off course for #BEDM today instead of talking to you about food I wanted to talk to you about spring fashion. Spring is here but the weather is up and down. One minute you can rock a cute dress and the next you need a coat. What is the solution? I love to pair pretty dresses with cute little cardigans. Wool Overs got in touch for me to check out some of there designs*.

I am a bit of a cardigan queen and need one to go with every outfit. Wool Overs have some great basics and some super cute spring wear. They all come in a wide range of colours so come on ladies lets step away from our usual black and try some sky blue, popping pink or if you are feeling brave yellows.

This cute polka dot pink cardigan caught my eye but as I said it comes in lots of colours and would look fab buttoned up with a skater skirt and vest top, let the polka dots do the talking for your outfit. The pastels of the other two cardigans above gives a really fresh look. They are all made from beautiful materials which have blended cashmere and merino or silk and cotton.

On a super chilly and windy day that has been haunting this spring so far look effortlessly chic wrapped up in a waterfall cardigan. I really like this combination of grey but this also has a lovely purple one too. The soft cashmere and merino knit will keep you warm in the winds why looking elegant. The waterfall design cascading down the finest of curves.

What do you think of Wool Overs? Have you tried their cardigans?

*I worked in conjunction with Wool Overs for this post but all views are my own. 


  1. That polka dot cardi is gorgeous! xx

  2. I'm a huge cardigan fan. I think the boyf would rather I didn't wear them quite so often but they're just so easy to wear.

    1. Same here I am always getting told off for wearing them x


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