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Ramones Museum Berlin

I know, I know I have been back from Berlin for over a year now but I love the place so much that I can still find amazing things to talk to you about, I don't know how I went so long without telling you about how awesome the Ramones Museum is. Like every good punk rude grrrl I danced my teens away to Blitzberg pop and wishing I was Sheena the Punk rocker. So when I heard about the Ramones museum it was top of my list to go to. In fact I spent my 30th birthday there.
I wasn't really sure what to expect I had just been told to hunt it out as it was worth seeing and loads of bands stop by to pay a visit It is actually a little coffee shop where you can relax with tea, coffee or even a beer. The Ramones museum was started when a huge Ramones fan wanted to share their memorabilia with other fans Now that is dedication. For a really reasonable 2 euros or something equally cheap you can take a look around at the wall to wall Ramones goodies.
It is worth paying because there is a ton of neat stuff Set lists, lyrics, posters and if you are a big punk fan like me you can totally spend ages geeking out on it all. It is really awesome to see Ramones over the years and lots of their milestones and achievements As such an influential band it is amazing that a fan would share this with fellow punks from around the world. 
Tucked away in the middle of the museum is a little cubby hole which is decked out like a living room You can kick back and chill on a sofa to watch Rock n Roll High school. A film staring the Ramones which is a lot of fun to watch. So much fun me and my lovely Sal were laughing so hard and really rocking out and enjoying ourselves. In fact the woman behind the counter commented she has never heard anyone have so much fun and we had infectious laughs. 
The atmosphere is just so friendly and laid back that we went back a few times just to chill and hang out. All over the walls bands have signed when they have come to visit. Sadly no gigs were due while we were there but I would love to go back and check out a gig some time. Still it is a lot of fun looking at all the signatures of bands that I totally love and knowing they have been at the Ramones museum enjoying it too. 
If you find yourself in the beautiful city of Berlin and want to go somewhere cool and fun for a chilled afternoon then I totally recommend the Ramones museum. Go show them some support so they can keep bringing punk love to the masses of both locals and visitors to Germany. 
Have you been to Berlin? Did you check out the Ramones Museum? what did you think? 

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    1. It is so much fun and the drinks are yummy too x

  2. Wow! This looks like such a cool place. You've taken great photo's! I've never visited Berlin but it is on my list of places I want to go! xx

    1. aw thank you! So go there is so much to do there for everyone! x


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