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#FridayFright- Lifetime In Horror -Dick Smith

I was so sad to hear that Dick Smith has left this world. At a grand old age of 92, what a life he has had. You may be scratching your head now and wondering who? Guaranteed you would have seen some of the magically amazing work of Dick Smith and never even realised it. He has been dubbed the 'Godfather of Make up' beauty bloggers eat your hearts out.  For the longest time I have been wooed by special effects work in horror films. Those who are regular readers will know I yearn to learn the skills myself it amazes me the illusions that can be created with the power of make up it is truly and art form. This man really gave his all to the industry and pioneered so many creative techniques being one of the first to work with latex in patches rather than full masks back in 1945. A big step for the movie world.

Now if you still don't know who he is then think of some of the great films. Taxi Driver, The Godfather, Exorsist and Scanners. Just to name a few. Dick was the man behind all the amazing make up that went into these cult classics. Not only that but he shared his skills with the world. Releasing a book (which I have) which tell you how to create make up effects like Pinhead from Hellraiser. I am always bowled over by anyone who is willing to share their secrets to help inspire others to get into the trade.

Dick's work on the exorcist was also before it's time being the first make up artist to combine make up and practical effects and doing so seamlessly. Tell me that you are not scared of the demon possessed young girl in The Exorcist. The transformation is phenomenal and blows my mind. Just look at the work in the pictures to the left and these were done in the back in the 70s, 80s and 90s when technology and tools were nowhere near what we have these days.

Rightly so his work was recognised in 2012 when he received an Honorary Academy Award. So when you are next watching an awesome film or even just putting on your own make up spare a minute to give a nod to the amazing lifetime of work this legend gave to the world. You will be missed Dick smith.
Do you have a favourite make up artist?


  1. I was so sad to find out he'd passed. He will be remembered as such a generous giant in the field <3

    1. Have you read his book? it is really rad x

    2. I have not! Need to find it!!

    3. it is so awesome. DAMMIT if you lived here I could have so lent it to you xx


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