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Festival Hair- Colourful Dreads Elysee Star Review

As you saw me squealing all about Boomtown Fair Festival HERE. I thought I would share my festival hair with you! It has been a bit of a tradition with me and some of my friends that in festival season to make hair more manageable and fun we tend to put in dreads. This year is no exception.

Elysee star dreads cna be bought from Afrocare for a reasonable price. They are a lot cheaper than the handmade dreads that are on the market. Naturally this comes with both pros and cons.


  • They come in an awesome array of colours including transition 
  • They are small and lightweight compared to handmade dreads
  • You can have them in your hair within a few days of ordering. Most handmade dreads take some time to order and wait for. 

  • They are prone to getting fuzzy quicker
  • They cna be itchier than handmade dreads
  • They are more likely to unravel quicker 
Have you used elysee dread before?


  1. So love this hair!!! Have never tried, but right now I am starting to phantasize "green dreads". Are they difficult to insert? Can you do it alone or do you have to have someone to help?

    1. I got my ma to help me out but you can easily do it yourself with the patience. They do take a while to put in but you can wear them for up to about a month. I only took them out because the fest was so muddy. I have had green before and it looks rad you should so go for it! Be sure to really condition your hair after though xx


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