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Same Size Different Shape - The Swing Dress

This is the second post in Same Size, Different shape. Check out the first one HERE. Today all the different shaped lovely ladies who rock the same size are wearing swing dresses. I always thought swing dresses were the 50s halter-necked variety but we are talking a different kind. I actually only own one dress that could resemble a swing dress which I bought off another lovely blogger in a blog sale. I am so addicted to blog sales please nobody put them up in this no spend month! Back on point I am a sucker for tartan so when I saw this dress I snapped it up.

 I am a big fan of tartan and was looking for a cute dress like this!It is super comfortable and easy to wear all day. The skirt on the dress has lots of room and swishes about nicely. The dress is originally from Simply Be.

I teamed it with these awesome TUK tartan creepers and a hello kitty bow. My necklace and earrings are from Kitty Boo's Boutique.

This cheeky monkey wanted in on the action so say hello to Mr Theo Noir..

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What do you think of swing dresses?


  1. you look lovely the dress falls on your shape so well xx

  2. what fun! I love your cat too...and that dress looks great on you

  3. oohh what a good idea for a future! I love love that dress and you are soooo gorgeous!

    1. The lovely Tony came up with it so i cant take the credit but it is so fun to be a part of x

  4. You look so cute I love the whole outfit especially the cat!! x

    1. I bought the dress from Becky! I love bargains xx

  5. Your cat is adorable! Lovely outfit too. It shows I'm a proper cat lady if the cat is the first thing I notice. :)

    1. he he nothing wrong with that cats are you have any? x


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