In My Ears June

Lately I have been listening to a lot of slow jams.

Masked Intruder are way too cool and really feeding the do wop tunes of these secretive harmony singing masked guys. I wouldn't mind being serenaded by any of these balaclava clad charmers.

Another awesome singer that me and the Mr accidentally discovered is the amazing William Elliot Whitmore. Singing straight from the heart as he plucks that banjo. He reminds me of a young Tom Waits.

You all know how much I love female old skool vocals. So I would be fibbing if I tried to say I hadn't listened to any. I have been loving Imelda May. Both her music and style have me swooning.

What has been in you ears?


  1. I love Imelda May, her music and her style is perfect! Two Hearts One Roof

    1. I seriously do not know where I have been hiding but I only recently got into her. She is proper rad though!


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