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Love Every Body- Check Out The Gun Show

I am lagging behind with this and still trying to catch up but I wanted to take it at a slow pace to make sure that I really get the benefit of growing to love the skin I am in. Check out my letter to my body and how I feel about everything from the neck up This time everyone else has done tummy but I am on to arms. Here is what Leah set..

Assignment #3 - Arms, shoulders & hands (Think of the things you can do with your arms - hug people/cook/lift your kids etc etc - as well as the physical attributes like strength, softness etc.) Feel free to include photos of tattoos, freckles, stretch marks, or anything else you want to share with us.

My shoulders feel like they carry the world sometimes and I love having a massage. Hot stone back and shoulder massage is to die for. They are strong but still feminine and I have always been a fan of slashed tshirts to bare them to the sun. 
Me being an idiot-check out the gun show ;)
I guess I don't spend a lot of time thinking about my arms...anymore. There was a time when i went to a lot of trouble to hide them from the world. Not to hide my body but more what i did to it. For an abusive time in my life I found that physical pain was a lot easier and more familiar for me to deal with than emotional and it became a problem that took me a while to learn to face my emotions rather than take it out on my body. From this I have some scars not many and thankfully only really one big one that I don't hide from but just remember that I have moved on from that time. I have a few freckles on my arms that make me smile they remind me of my Mama and Nana who have really freckly arms and they hated them but I have fond memories of holding onto their arms as a child. 

We take or arms for granted and as Leah said all the wonderful things we can do with them. I am a hugger I like to give hugs and be hugged I think it is all those reading festivals of everyone giving out free hugs. Bring them back a big hug after a long day is the best ever. 

My hands are kinda cute. I like my dimples at my knuckles. I am rocking a faint scar across 3 of my left fingers where I burnt my hand when I was 7 trying to iron without paying attention to what I was doing on a mothers day. On my left thumb I have another scar from almost cutting the tip off when I cut an apple in half to share with my brother even though there was a whole bowl full. I really want to get my palms read as I think my hands have so many stories to tell. I embrace the memories adorned on my body and look forward to my shoulder helping my arms guide my hands to touch and experience as much of the world as possible.


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