Magnificent 7th- Something I Never wear

This months Magnificent 7th is all about an item you never wear. So that was easy for me I never seem to wear heels As much as I love them and think they are amazing I am awful at wearing them. I bought these awesome leopard print heels in the sale at New Look.  They were a bargain for only £7.
I have never really worn them so I teamed them with a little dress a bought at Primark that I have not worn yet. I love the faux leather skirt on the dress and the beading on the collar. I really need to wear this more often as I think it could easily be  dressed up or down. The cardigan is also from Primark....sensing a theme here ;)

I really like the way the heels make my legs look and I felt so glam in them I really need to stop being such a tom boy and learn how to walk in them instead of being too scared of falling off them.

Do you wear heels much? Or do you have the dear like me?

Also do not forget to check out what items all the other lovely bloggers never wear and let them know they look fabulous.


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