A - z Of Inspirational Women .....C

It is time to talk about women who have been inspiring again. Check out A and B here. So lets get stuck into C.

Courtney Love is like my w(hole) teenage years. Baby doll dresses,wanting to be the girl with the most cake and being an awesome rock star.Yes she has made mistakes but what rock star hasn't?I think she gets too hard a time when she has inspired young girls all over the world to speak their mind, dress like a grrrl but have some serious attitude.If you didn't think Hole were the only band that understood you when you were an angst y teenager then you probably wont have an undying love for Courtney.

Claude Cahun the french artists for her ever inspiring work on gender and sexuality way before her time.Mixing surrealism with her self portrait work often gender bending herself and pushing societies boundaries. An activist during WWII and an inspiration for all atrists still to this day.

Cindy Sherman another amazing artist. She works in both photography and film and when I stumbled upon one of her films I was really inspired by her work. Women in film are so important. She does some amazing mask work and makes big statements about beauty.

Chrissie Hynde looks like my Mama. Weirdly that is how I discovered the pretenders. People always used to tell my mum she looked like her when she was younger and it made me raid my parents record collection and pull out a Pretenders record. As if being a singer, songwriter wasn't enough to make this woman awesome but she is also an activist. Teaching women all over the world to stand up for what they believe in.

No woman out there can tell me she hasn't at some point rocked out to Cyndi Lauper. Ever fierce, ever beautiful and talented. Pushing the boundaries of crazy fashion. Teaching everyone it was ok to be different. Another strong activist woman we should all look up to and remember she is more than Girls just wanna have fun but can instantly make you smile with her catchy songs
Christina Aguilera for using her beautiful voice to sing this song. 

Who are your C's?


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