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To Selfie Or Not To Selfie?

To selfie or not to selfie that is the question? Everyone seems to have a love hate with the ever growing world of selfies but the question is are they really so bad? Lets break it down and really think about it. First wait.....#shamelessselfie
That is me right now
First of all what is a selfie? To take a picture of yourself, crimes are sometimes in toothpaste splattered mirrors, or using the inside camera on ones phone and getting busted with it constantly on selfie mode when you open your camera in front of others. Do not try and deny happens to the best of us. In fact people shamelessly bust them out in front of anyone these days. Everyone is doing it I have even seen grandma's on buses breaking out selfies. Seflie craze has swept the nation, Celebrities, your mom and even astronauts.  I personally think that seflies make everyone just that bit more human. They can bring out everyones inner silly side, when you see celebs and astronauts doing it it makes you realise they are just another person.Here are a few of my favourite.

When people dislike themselves and find it hard to look at themselves psychologist and self love activists advise looking in the mirror every day and finding something that you love about yourself. I think people need to take more pictures of themselves too. Even better share them with the world and you will find that the things you tend to hate most about yourself are the things that other people think make you beautiful. We do not look at ourselves nearly enough and selfies can really help us with that.

Since the rise of Instagram I have to admit mine is full of selfies. I have to admit i try my best to go no filter to give a truer representation but sometimes it is just too much to resist and then yeah selfies that have been altered or filtered can give others the wrong impression and also impact someone else's self esteem. We do need to start taking more honest non filtered and even no make up selfies as in recent research I did with a group of young girls showed that they felt less impacted by the way celebrities looked in magazines as they knew they had been tampered but more influenced by the pictures of their own peers.

So Dove have launched a new campaign which looks pretty cool. Check it out.

I think this is a great idea to get mothers and daughters working together because sometimes a lot of how we feel about our bodies can start right at home. Our parents are our biggest critics after all. I wrote a post before about how my opinions on beauty differ from my ma check it out here. Where you will also see a selfie of me and my Mama.

What do you think of selfies? Do you avoid them or embrace them?


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