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Spoken Word #2

I have spoke about my love for spoken word in great detail in my post "Words Spoken With Beauty". Lately I have seen.....well heard some words so beautiful I felt as though they touched my heart and soul. Button Poetry is a constant on my you tube player as they always feature amazing artists.

The first artist I heard when reading Militant Bakers blog a while back. When I heard this first poem it was so apt to many a moment I have felt. When I showed it to my friend it actually brought tears to her eyes. This lady has some serious talent.

If you thought that one was good then this next one just blew me away and emotionally shook me to the core. I literally cried it was so good shivers went up my spine and I felt the intense love and injustice.These guys are destined to rip my heart out and keep it forever.

This next woman is is another that just takes the words straight from my mouth and any woman who has grown watching their mother diet constantly will really feel what she has to say.Lily Myers may only be young but she is so wise to what many of us women need to be. Please women learn to stop shrinking away.

For all those teenage riot angst grrrls this next one is for you. I introduce you to Jeanann Verlee

So not to bombard you with mostly women lets even this out with another talented man. If you have not managed to already come across this poem then I am not sure where you have been hiding but this is another one that pulled at my heart and made me cry. Neil Hilborn has so much passion and humour all in one.


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