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#100happydays Update #2

Just a quick update of how my 100happydays is going. See my previous post here and let me know what small things make your day happy.

Day 9
Getting new followers for this blog always makes me smile and I really do love Bloglovin. Hello to all my new followers and a big thank you to new and old for being so sweet and reading my posts. Please comment away so I can get to know you all!

I was having a super happy day this say and everything was keeping a smile on my face. Feeling good and happy.

Day 11

Although I really love my job sometimes it can be crazy stressful. Very rare that I get 2 days off in a row or even 2 days off in a week at all. So I totally enjoyed them.
Day 12

Spent my day off snuggled up in my pjs with a blanket and tea. I watched Shutter Island for the first time after one of the boys at work told me to watch. One of those films I have been meaning to watch for a while. Have you seen it?
Day 13

Coming home to a lovely parcel. A while ago I backed a friends band on kickstarter and these were my lovely rewards. I am going to do a post about these guys soon so will leave the details until then ;)

Day 14

We had a massive open afternoon at work where we met some new young people and introduced them to our services. They were a lot of fun and am really looking forward to working with them. This made me happy because it was a success.

Day 16

I am still gushing from being chosen as a woman crush wednesday by such a sweetheart. He totally made my week and put the biggest smile on my face.
Day 17

Spending time catching up with my lovely Salma. I love this girl so much and do not get to see her nearly enough!
Day 18

My mama bought me some army boots love them!
Day 19

feeling crazy hungover on the walk home from my friends house but I really thought the canal looked pretty with the wind making the water ripple.


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