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The Lady Has Gone Gaga #LadyGaga

I have always admired Lady Gaga's flamboyancy and would even go as far as to call her work artistic. She genuinely has a lot of talent. Even I can't resist singing along to her tunes when I hear them. I have always admired that she is outrageous in a mainstream world and seen her as being very pro body image. She is without a doubt  very loyal and outspoken to/for her fans encouraging them to be themselves. Sounds like a great role model, don't you think?

If you follow me on Facebook (If not why not? Go here...phew all better) then you will have noticed that I posted an article about Lady Gaga's recent stage performance. In which during the show she has a performance artist voluntary vomit all over her. The proceed to scissor on a mechanical bull while Millie vomits some more. Footage can be seen below. 
I have no issue with the scissoring and the womanly love being shown my question to you is about the puke. Is it art or is Lady Gaga in fact glamourizing bulimia? Having openly admitted having an eating disorder herself she has opened out to a world of girls/women/boys/men around the world who are suffering from eating disorders and body image issues. Does this then not make her fans more vulnerable to seeing this as a glamourization rather than a piece of art?
It can be argued that Millie Brown is a performance artist and Gaga is supporting an independent artist on the scene as an admirer of the arts but does she in this hold a degree of responsibility towards her fans? I would love to know what you think so click vote on the poll and comment below about how you feel.
Art or Glamourization of eating disorders? free polls 


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