Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

One of my films ......Zip

So as I am slowly getting back into writing and film making I have been sharing a few of  my old films to try and spark me into getting going again. I already shared 8 bit ninjas music video. Today I wanted to share one of the films I am most proud of.

It is no secret that I am a feminist and a strong believer in fighting for rights and equality for all. If you missed that then you have been reading my blog all wrong or not at all. I wanted to make a piece of work that reflected all the angst I was feeling at the time. I wanted it to be more visually pleasing and wont deny I am heavily inspired by the works of David Lynch. I had this piece in an art show in Wolverhampton and had mixed reactions to it. I would love to hear yours too. I want to leave this open to your interpretation so let me know how it made you feel.


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