Dubai International Airport (DXB) - Al Twar - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Sri Lanka The journey

A Visa stamped passport in hand the journey began when the taxi came to pick me up to head to pick up Sarah and then on to the airport. I love how much time checking in online saves and we could have got away with being at the airport even later then we were but we chowed down on Burger King, Played on some random light game and even had a massage from one of the massage chairs. The excitement is very clear in our video blog which I will put up for you guys to see when we have finished editing.
Birmingham Airport

As I mentioned in my last post we decided to fly with Emirates. So many people have raved about them before and we wanted to fly from Birmingham rather than trekking to London. I really like Birmingham Airport it is just so much more chilled. Heathrow is way to big, busy and confusing. Everyone seems to be really stressed and in a hurry where Birmingham just seems so relaxed and at a nicer pace. It doesn't take ages to go through security and staff are really friendly.
Clouds and Sky

We were on a pretty big plane heading from Birmingham to Dubai. The seats were comfortable. As a plus sized traveller planes can often be more of a hell but this flight was cosy and the arm rests come up to make more room if needed. I like that the tray comes down in 2 halves so if you struggle with the tray coming down especially when the person in front has their chair right back you can still make use of the tray and have some room.

The entertainment system is brilliant. ICE provides you with everything you will need to fill the 7 and a half hour flight. Information about the flight. You can watch the plane fly across the map with all the information about times, and weather They even have 2 cameras to tune into below the plane and on the wings which is fun to watch in take off so even if you do not have a window seat you can still get to enjoy the view Communications allows you to link up your laptop, text and also see the latest news from BBC. I didn't really use any of this but there are also USB ports and a plus to charge devices which is something I really liked as a feature. Entertainment was the best the screen was pretty big and there was a large selection of films, music, TV programmes, and games. The variety was really good and there was no way anyone could find the time to get bored. In fact I planned my time so I could fit in as many films as possible.
ICE entertainment 

I watched Machete Kills, Sharknado and Brave. Machete kills is so worth a watch, if you have seen the first one you will know it is a B movie style action packed gore fest and the sequel is twice as good. Although I did get funny looks from Sarah from all the blood splattering everywhere. Sharknado was a lot of fun a crazy cheesy B movie where a tornado of sharks attack America. Brave was just to even things out with a bit of dark Disney but I really enjoyed it like the big kid I am.
Beer stew, Salmon starter, Sticky Toffee pud and snacks

The food was actually really good and we had plenty of drinks and snacks. A hot towel at the beginning and the air stewardesses were really nice. My only grumble is that they collect in blankets and headphones almost an hour before you land so you are left freezing from the air con and with nothing to do but chat and play games. I could have squeezed in some cheesy music or even a quick blast of family guy in that time.

Dubai airport is really big but they defo need bigger toilets as the ques were crazy! The second flight from Dubai to Sri Lanka Colmbo was nowhere near as good. Although we were on the same sized plane the seats were a bit smaller so I was Left squashed up, somehow our seats had been changed to in the middle of the middle row! I never suggest sitting there the worst seats possibly ever! The TV screens were a lot smaller with less selection, the seat belt was tight (I live in fear of seatbelts on planes not fitting) and the ride a lot bumpier but the staff were lovely and we made it through with a bit of a cramp. The main thing is we made it safe and sound and got picked up from the airport by a driver. Stay tuned to read more about the trip :)

Dubai from the air


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