Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka

Active Citizens Getting To Know Each Other In Sri Lanka

Tired eyed and sleepy we met some fellow Active Citizens at the airport Amy,Chloe and Ed all from the UK who had been on the same flight as us! Everyone was buzzing with excitement and piled into the van which took us on a journey to the first destination. First stop was to be Thulhiriya to the MIMT training centre. We had been given a beautiful chalet to share with some of the other girls. The chalets were really nice with natural showers like literally showering in nature! No roof just mesh and nature at your fingertips. I don,t know about you but I found that really exciting. How often do you get to shower in tropical weather? The only downside is that they were pretty cold. Check it out on the video below!

Super tired from the 14 hour flight we thought we only has a cheeky lunch and dinner to attend. Active Citizens mean business though and we were chucked straight into workshops. After a little rest the team aren't that mean! The surroundings were so beautiful we needed a little bit of time to explore the gated area we were in with huge palm trees, Lizards running around and local smiley friendly people.

The activities for Active Citizen almost never seem like work they are interactive and fun getting you out of your seat instead of just watching presentations. I really recommend if you love social action work get Active Citizens trained you will have the chance to meet some amazing people and really learn a bit more not just about the world but also about yourself. It really is a journey of adventure. We kicked off with some speed networking getting to know as much about each other in as little time as possible. It was amazing to be in a room with so many different nationalities. Bosnia, UK, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Egypt. I already knew that I was going to learn so much on this trip from these people around me.

Just a few of the participants on the first day im hiding ha


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