Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka

A Journey To The Past Sri Lanka Style

We started the day with some beautiful meditation closing our eyes and being lead to listen to nature and then left to go explore the surroundings for a little bit without talking. I really enjoyed listening to the birds and looking out onto the huge lake. When we returned one girl gave a beautiful example with two leaves one new and one old. The old represented the old values and decaying and that once it is crumpled it finds it hard to bounce back where are the new one can bounce right back like the youth of today who can lead us to help fix problems in the world.

Active Citizens definitely know how to keep you on your toes. A quick speed network and then time to remember all those names in a name game. I almost died on the spot I am terrible at remembering names at the best of the time let alone when there are 28 new people to meet. The name game is a lot of fun thought and I managed to avoid the hot seat especially since the other team were cheating. I think I will defiantly play this game with one of my teams in the future.

The day was jam packed with activities each taking us on a journey. As we were all from so many different backgrounds eager to learn all about each other we had the chance through selling our countries on a market stall. This was one of my favourite activities all the countries split off and the teams worked together to get their stall to be alluring. Our UK team went to town with a pub quiz, sweets, football shirts, music and tons of colourful pictures. This was an awesome chance for the UK team to bond as we hadn't really had the chance to chat. Representing Manchester, London, Romford, Chester and Birmingham we told tales of fish and chips ,and won hearts with rhubarb and custard sweets.Most of all we got to learn so much about other countries. I got to drink coconut water fresh from a king coconut, found out that Sri Lanka were the first country to have a female president in 1971 but I was inspired by Egypt and the passion and knowledge Aya has.

The real adventure was a journey to the past. I have to give the facilitators huge kudos they really have magic on being able to inspire and stir imagination. Dan took us on a long walk exploring how the past has changed and what built us to where we were. As crazy as it sound this was a very deep and bonding experience. The 3 groups had gone on different journeys but they all returned as emotionally bonded and touched as mine.I have to say I think my group had the best journey.


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