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Off To Sri Lanka!!!

It almost doesn't feel real! I am so excited today I fly out to Sri Lanka as part of British Council Active Citizen program. I will be representing YTV and Ulfah arts in helping social action projects around the world really make a difference. British council brings Active Citizens together from around the world.Currently 35 countries are part of the Active Citizen program in which they all receive the same training in order to be able to come together to find ways of working together and improving practise to help make more of a difference in the world. In fact if you read my post about making a difference in India this was created as a result of companies meeting through Active Citizens and now working together to make things happen. So as you can imagine I am really excited to be a part of this.
Sri Lanka Visa

I had a nightmare getting my immunisations and it seemed like my Visa took forever. (Even though it was actually only a week)  Now I am all packed....I know nobody is ever all packed right? I am bound to forget something. Usually a hairbrush or mouthwash but Glamour is minor. I guess so long as you have a ticket, Visa, passport and some money you are good to go right? I managed to ram as much as I can into a small case. When you travel do you travel light? Or are you one of those people with a huge case panicking about the weight limit?  I am working on the fine art of being able to pack as little but as much as possible in a small space.
Need huge coffee to pack

The flight is for ages but we will be flying with Emirates so I will let you know how that goes :) I am really excited because we will be seeing some elephants too! I will keep you guys posted on how it goes but in the mean time send me some love!
Dont forget passport :P


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