Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle, Snakes and Monuments

It was time to leave Matara but like I said we had the most awesome facilitator and he wanted to take us to see as much as Sri Lanka as we would before we had to go back to meet the others. We drove to taake a look at Galle where one of the other groups had been staying. Galle is beautiful of all the places I have seen within Sri Lanka if you are looking for a holiday Galle is so beautiful and very tourist friendly there are lots of hotels along the coast without it being too over packed and over bearing.

Sam tried his luck with a huge snake. As we were visiting a big monument we saw a snake charmer with cobras in a basket if you saw my other post about the elephant sanctuary then you can probably already guess what I think of this. Keeping a big python in a bag and cobras locked in a box can not be good for them.It is animal cruelty and I understand that people need to make money somehow to feed themselves but I could not contribute.The group felt bad which is why Sam held the snake and gave him some money but I cant help but think that just adds to letting him continue with this.

The monument we saw however was pretty cool. It was a boiling hot day so it was nice to walk around and look down on the amazing views. I loved looking around the little shops but we didn't have much time because we wanted to go to the beach for lunch. Yes another beach! Hey when you live nowhere near the sea you have to get every second you can near it especially in this stunning surroundings.


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