Polhena, Matara, Sri Lanka

Another Beautiful Sunset In Sri Lanka

Just when I thought the sunset I told you about in my other post was a beautiful as they could get Sri Lanka decided to blow me away again. The group had decided we wanted to go to the beach to practise forum theatre to be able to present back to the rest of the groups when we returned from community visits the next day. One of our local guides put us into Tuc Tucs and whisked us off to Polhena beach. It was like walking onto something like off a movie set. The sand was golden and the sea blue Huge palm trees and hardly anyone around. Why don't I just show you. Keep an eye out for the rainbow <3

I spent a little time wondering off on my own walking along the beach the waves lapping at my feet as the sun set and I just thought to myself. This is what life is about lots of little beautiful moments. I just wanted to bottle up that moment and keep it forever.

The restaurant we had dinner at was right on the beach I had fresh sear which was beautiful.. Our host told us the tale of a young couple that jumped to their death from the Buddhist temple in a terrible true Romeo and Juliette and we had found our forum theatre show.It is crazy I have never felt so connected to people in such short time but Active Citizens really puts you through some emotions and brings you close to those around you. I couldn't have asked for a better facilitator James made sure we got to see lots of amazing places, kept us laughing and smiling and even helped me hunt down honey when I lost my voice.


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