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Too Pretty To Be Sad

Recently I was on a bus on the way to work and my hayfever was pretty bad so much so it had made me really teary. I was on the bus wiping away the tears when a man was staring at me he came and sat next to me touched my face and said "Why are you crying you are too pretty to be sad?". I looked him dead in the eye and explained that I was not sad I had hayfever thanks and he continued to try and chat to me about if I had a boyfriend because obviously that was why I was so sad because a "man wasn't looking after me proper". This whole ordeal frustrated and annoyed me. My male friends say that I should be grateful that a stranger was concerned if I was ok in a world where so many do not care about each other. It isn't that that bothers me it is the intention he came to talk to me with and the fact that he obviously thought I was crying over a man. With so much going on in the world with children dying and women fighting to be heard I am pretty sure had I been shedding tears of sadness they could have been used for them. This aside if I had been sad why should I be ashamed of it and why would it make a difference how "pretty" I am? Does this mean if I was ugly in his eyes he would have just ignored me and left me crying...even though I wasn't. I am not a man hater I love men after all I date them, I love women too. Had it been a woman approaching me with the same intentions I would have been just as mad. How is this any different to cat calling in the street?

A few months ago I met a passionate, creative and caring woman. A woman who cares about the world and fighting for the rights of women. Amrita Bhattacharjee I hope will remain a friend for a long time as she is so easy to click with. Amrita is an artist herself and recently I was speaking to her about this bus journey as I was on my way to meeting with her. She responded to this with sending me a poem a few weeks later. For those who follow my facebook page for this blog will have already seen it but I wanted to share it with those who don't. Along with a friend of hers Roisin Nugent she made a performance piece to showcase how women feel in these situations. Amrita also runs The Sisterhood so get involved if you feel passionate about women's rights.

Before you watch let me tell you about some of her other work. Amrita spends her time life coaching with a speciality in working with artists all at affordable prices to make it obtainable for all. To find out more about Coaching Kreators follow them on Facebook here. I encountered Amrita through work so can vouch for how inspiring her coaching sessions can be. If you are looking to make that dream piece of work be you a graffiti artist, film maker, singer or just someone in need of some direction then this is the lady you need to speak to.


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