Nevşehir/Nevşehir Province, Turkey

Diary Of A Project Manager Take 5....Turkey

Time just flies by so fast I can't believe it is already Friday. Had the most amazing sleep last night even though I actually only got to sleep an extra half hour but mmmmm. I had negotiated a later start for the team as they had a super long day yesterday. One of the teams didn't get back until 11.40pm. It is good learning for the team though as they need to realise that if they want to be in media they will have to have long days. So far managing this project has been a lot of fun. I am really enjoying building partnerships and making connections with people to try and progress YTV. Like I said before I really believe in the work Ulfah and YTV do so it just makes it all that more rewarding.

We had the privilege of going to see another cave hotel. A lot different from the spa resort we saw but I really liked it much more. It was homey and cozy with all the warm cave features of the other resort. I would happily stay somewhere like that. The lady who runs it with her husband is originally from Norway and immigrated to Cappadocia 15 years ago when she met her husband. They were really lovely and offered us apple tea. I really do love apple tea I think today I have had like 3 cups of it.

The YTV crew are getting better at interviews and today the 2 teams are really coming together. It is actually really inspiring seeing them progress. As one of the teams leaders was still ill we had left her at the hotel with plenty of food and water and my phone number if she needs me. So we appointed a new team leader to the one team and the girl that took control was on the ball. I was really impressed with her leadership skills. She listened to everyone and made sure people looked after and shared equipment.

They got to put these new skills to the test in meeting another mayor this time of Gerome. We met him at the local mosque where they were giving out a local dish. It was bloody horrible. Not to be rude like I am up for trying most things but this was like warm fruit juice with nuts in just not my bag. Some of the team loved it though. We ventured to his office to interview him. The teams were a lot smoother in setting up and getting the interview done quickly and efficiently. Great results and we got presents too which was lovely. This mayor was really nice a whole bag full of treats as well as some more Turkish tea. I can handle this tea without milk with enough sugar...stay tuned to the blog to hear about my tea disasters.

I have never seen people almost cry with happiness over food as when we hit up an open buffet restaurant for lunch. Mash potato, chocolate cake, and dirty water jelly. The group were in heaven. There were even spices!

We started to make our way to open air museum but as time was running low and everyone wanted to go see some horses we stopped off at a horse farm owned by the Dalton Brothers. They had lots of lovely horses and some chickens. I have never seen a fluffy chicken like not just feather but fluffy like a chicken cat. We met an awesome man who was a horse whisperer, a real cowboy. He captures horses in the Valleys and then trains them for beginners to go riding out in the valleys. He let the team ride on the horses which they really loved. Being city kids some of them had never been on a horse before so it was a new experience for them. We are hoping to go back and interview him properly as we were running out of time. His home was amazing a really warm cave home. I could have moved in right then and there.

Finally we got some time off in the evening just to chill and we went and bought some awesome nuts....I say nuts they were covered in chocolate.


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