Well hello blogging world is there life out there?

The year 2013.

Age 30.

 I feel like i have spent so long holding my breath underwater just watching and waiting for it to be over and now here here we are! I feel like it is time for me to take a breath and have my voice back. Taking no prisoners I am back. I refuse to sit back and keep quiet anymore nothing is handed to anyone on a plate and we have to make out own fate so lets make things happen. On that note hi!

So this isn't my first attempt at a blog. I used to use wordpress a lot but am not really a fan of it and all the blogs I seem to love seem to be on here and are much easier to follow. I kept saying for ages I would join this blogging site and now I have finally got around to it! I will share some of my old blogs as well as articles I wrote for a fanzine that was too pricey to publish so you lucky people get to read my ramblings and reviews instead!

So I guess I will tell you a little about myself in this post :) 

That is me  Kelly. I swear I smile a lot so you will be bombarded with smiling pictures in future. I live in lovely sunny Birmingham.

I love art and spoken word!

I am into 1950s pin up style and going to burlesque shows! Pin up girls and rockabilly style is totally lush!

If I told you everything about myself now there would be no point in talking to me so maybe I should hush.

I live for the independent art scene and have a soft spot for film making.

Love the rugby too.

i love reading i like things with a twist like haunted and anything by poppy z brite, i dig Hunter s Thompson and always looking for something new to read (open to suggestions) but i really like to read non fiction. History is my weakness, the past can teach us a lot.

i'm a sucker for comic books tho can sit and read them for hours. shhh dont tell anyone im a geek!

movies you'll have me here all day! i love allll genres am a sucker for old black and white films tho esp gangster ones james cagney was a legend, love my horror been told i like zombies way too much...its not possible ;) Die hard Troma fan! Kaufman is my God. errm easier way to deal with this is at the moment my top 5 films are leon ,true romance, Army of darkness , Hanna and old boy.....it was hard enough to narrow it down to 5!!

i love music metal, ska punk, hip hop, dnb. I am very open minded totally believe that to like music you have to appreciate a bit of everything. Although my heart belongs to blues Billie Holiday, Nina Simmone ! I love bands like nofx,mad caddies , rancid and miss the days when ska punk bands were everywhere everyone was a bit happier skanking to some trumpets :P I do love metal like pantera , slayer, hardcore like walls of jericho, sick of it all, discharge and then of course theres punk bands like lunachicks,snap her, crass....man then theres bob marley and sublime magical words from scroobius pip vz dan le sac and ha i better stop now!!

Anyway I look forward to hearing what you all think about my blog :)


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